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city of san francisco sfgtv meeting of the san francisco board of appeals occurring
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november 14, 2012 will resume shortly.
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>> the city of san francisco sfgtv meeting of the san francisco board of appeals occurring november 14, 2012 will resume shortly.
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>> thank you all for your patience. there was a fire in this building yesterday, that is why we had a delay. >> we will go to appeal 12-099
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mohammad hourian. we will start with the appellant. >> please step forward. >> you have seven minutes to present your case. >> good evening, board of appeals my mame is mohammed hourian i had the financing for almost 25 years in san francisco. i am artist and if i have to cap it right now the created about the five years ago and about two years ago, we added houka because it is some kind of a wanted located in downtown san francisco. and there are lots of tourists and they ask us why you guys
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don't have hooka and we decided to add it. and at that time we wanted to start it and we get a permit. i think that you need to refer to the exhibits. >> you have it all, the permit that i have. when we started to move into the city hall, we ask and it
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was family at that time with the hooka but we realize that we need to get the permit for it and so we get the permit, unfortunately, there is a law that the situation because we are in doors we cannot set up hooka. and our location in a situation that it was an easy to add it outside. and for example, i am off for the international for almost all of my life, for 30 years, i used to live in euro and about 27 years ago i moved to the united states. i was very active with my art until recently because of the
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economy situation as you guys know. so, if the health department was always, you know, take care of the cafe very clean, and nice and it shows that the section always a good record. and they were seeing everything that was good in our cafe. and it shows that it was very concerned about the health for our customer. and now, because of this situation of we cannot have hookah they create and they try to create or to change the model of the business as a one
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bar cafe. and it is some
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November 14, 2012 7:30pm-8:00pm PST

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